The Correct Ergonomic Positions

These correct ergonomic positions encourage a straighter back, better oxygen intake and allow the body to be relaxed with the spine supporting the head and arms in a comfortable position.

The Back Position

Keep lumbar support of back rest down low, just above the small of the back.

The Arms

Sit right back into the back rest and adjust the angle of the seat forward when working at a flat desk or table.

The Typing Position

The keyboard and mouse should be comfortably positioned to minimise over extension of the arms and alleviate shoulder fatigue.


The Keyboard Position

Adjust gas lift of chair to position the keyboard height level with the stomach. Arms should be at right angles to the body.

The Head Position and Screen Viewing

Raise the level of the monitor to look comfortably at the screen, without bending the head forward and down to view.

The Feet and Legs

The desk and chair should be positioned so that the feet sit comfortably flat on the floor. The thighs should be horizontal and therefore parallel to the floor.