Office Chairs & Seating

Office Chairs for Brisbane Workspaces of all Kinds

Focused on providing exceptional commercial furniture across the region, Corporate Interiors is committed to high-quality products and an extensive offering.

With a diverse range of office chairs across our line, we’ve become the go-to for designs that offer the perfect aesthetics, along with durability.

What kind of office chairs should you choose?

No matter what kind of business you are, providing your staff with seating that’s able to reflect their work and provide health-related benefits is a must. Here are a few easy tips to make sure you’re equipping your teams with the best possible options.

  • Lumbar support: If they’re prone to working at a desk, lumbar support is crucial. A good-quality design will feature support that surrounds the lower back. Some may also give adjustable features that allow the person to tailor it to suit their needs.
  • Adjustability: Having the ability to move the mechanics of the seat around allows your staff to ensure it’s the absolute perfect fit. It can also prevent back strain, and give complete flexibility over the height.
  • Wheel type: Some offices have carpet flooring, so it pays to look at what kind of wheels your choice of furniture comes with. Some pieces may not move as easily as others.
  • Swivel action: Being able to swivel around gives staff the convenience of quickly accessing various parts of their desk.
  • Material: Some types of fabric become uncomfortable or hot when you sit on it for a number of hours. Choose a cushion-type option that also breathes.

Beyond the desk

Corporate Interiors also offers a number of other designs, suitable for applications away from the desk. These include:

  • Meeting room seating
  • Armchairs
  • Stools
  • Executive-style designs
  • Ottomans
  • Beam seating and more.

Not sure which option suits you best?

If you’re not sure what kind of design to choose, we highly recommend getting in touch with our team for more information. We’re always more than happy to provide reliable, honest advice and product details where needed.

Contact us now to get started.