Staxis is a stackable, tile based workstation system. Staxis can be added to vertically or horizontally without having to dismantle the existing layout.

Staxis tiles are easily fitted by hand without clips following the installation of the frames and services.


The unique screen fixing method allows simple re-configuration quickly and without damage to any componentry, requiring only an allen key to install.

Staxis installation is speedy, effective and economical and therefore ideal for today’s constantly changing work environment.

Staxis wiring system

Wiring is automatically segregated by the frame construction. Hence power and data/voice run through different levels of the screens.

Staxis can be hard or soft wired and services can be located above or below work tops.

Staxis can be wired horizontally and vertically to national standards including category6.

  Staxis Features

Function tile

Paper management system with accommodation for paper trays, pen holders, magazine holders and telephone trays. Hook on accessories can be supplied in powder coated metal.

Tile removal

Staxis tiles are easily removed with the lever provided. To re-install simply slide into upper frame first and drop into position.

Work tops

Available in timber, laminate or membrane pressed foil 25mm or 33mm thick with a variety of edge details.


Mobile or fixed pedestals are available in timber, laminate or metal.


Infinitely height adjustable, shelves are available in metal, timber or laminate. Dividers are optional.

White board

Available in tile modules or surface mounted to selected size.


Single or double glazing is available, slimline venetian blinds are an option.


Fabric covered tiles are pinnable. A pinboard tile is an available option.

Power and Communication

Outlets are flush mounted on the face of metal service access tiles.

Power Poles

Infinitely height adjustable hampers available in timber, laminate or metal.