Screen Fabrics

Our screen systems can be upholstered in your choice of fabric (also melamine, perforated metal).

We do not categorise screen fabrics as each project is costed according to volume. It is advisable to selct a fabric of 1800mm (nominal) roll width to achieve the most cost effective screening – this will also help reduce wastage and environmental impact.

WE have thumbnailed some of the more popular ranges – alternatively use the links to fabric suppliers sites to view extended range – these will normally be listed as 'Screen' fabrics on the sites.

Sustainable – Classics
Susainable – Oxygen
Sustainable – Renew
Sustainable – Spritz
Instyle – Ice
Instyle – Pod
Instyle – Hide
Instyle – Seek
Instyle – Flash
Instyle – Liquid
Instyle – Source
Instyle – Shake
Macquarie – Stem
Macquarie – Rush
Macquarie – Pulse
Macquarie – Duet
Laine – Suzette
Laine – Studio
Laine – Illusion
Laine – Escape
Woven Image – Echo Panel
Woven Image – Galaxy
Woven Image – Echo Panel Frequency
Woven Image – Echo Screen